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Fiber, Folate, and 3 More Healthy Celery Benefits

These ultra-crunchy veggies are overflowing with water, micronutrients, gut-healthy fiber, and more.

<p>Claudia Totir/Getty Images</p>

Claudia Totir/Getty Images

Traditionally, celery has been associated with ants on a log, mirepoix soup starters, or vehicles for hummus and other dips. It’s the perfect crunchy crudités addition, crispy salad embellishment, or tender chicken soup ingredient.

There’s no doubt that celery is good for you, but can a vegetable so mild and unassuming actually pack that much of a nutritional punch? We spoke to a registered dietitian nutritionist, who definitely thinks celery has a lot to offer, starting with these seven reasons to eat (or drink) more of it.

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Health Benefits of Celery

Celery is made up of mostly water, so it’s very hydrating.

In addition to making sure you’re getting enough nutrients, it’s important to drink plenty of fluids every day. The general recommendation is to drink

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