On Nutrition: Letters from Indiana

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Last week we rewatched the old movie “Hoosiers,” which was filmed entirely in Indiana. According to one theory regarding the origin of the state’s nickname, when a visitor knocked on the door of a pioneer cabin in Indiana, the settler would respond, “Who’s yere?”

Here’s “yere” questions from readers in northwestern Indiana.

“As an old retired home economics teacher, I enjoy reading your column in The Times here in Valparaiso. This morning I was in my local food store, and I noticed whole beef filet mignons for sale. The label said ‘utility grade’ on it! How would you cook a utility grade whole filet? I thought that was almost dog food grade! I never saw this before. Ruth E.”

That’s new to me, too, Ruth. Beef is graded for quality by the U.S. Department of Agriculture based mostly on tenderness, juiciness

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