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Samsung’s new OLED can measure heart rate and blood pressure

Samsung Display, the world’s leading manufacturer of OLED displays, has unveiled the world’s first OLED panel with a built-in fingerprint scanner for blood pressure and heart rate. The new panel, called Sensor OLED, is designed to be used in smartphones and tablets for health monitoring.

Samsung Display Unveils World’s First OLED Panel with Built-in Fingerprint Scanner and Heart Rate Sensor

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Sensor OLED is made possible by Samsung Display’s latest organic photodiode (OPD) technology. OPD is a type of sensor that can detect light, and it is in use in the new panel to detect fingerprints, blood pressure and heart rate information. The OPD sensor is part of the OLED panel, which eliminates the need for a separate fingerprint scanner or heart rate sensor. This saves space and cost, and it also makes the device more aesthetically pleasing.

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