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Tom Brady’s health and fitness guru Alex Guerrero eyes creating ‘superhumans’ for Pentagon

TAMPA, Fla. — Promises of transformative military technology were around every corner at the recent Special Operations Forces Week conference, but few compared to upgrading human beings.

“I think that’s the future. It’s getting there where we’re going to be able to create superhumans,” Alex Guerrero told the audience this week. The medical practitioner is best known for his work on the TB12 Method with legendary NFL quarterback Tom Brady.

It may sound like science fiction, but Mr. Guerrero’s declaration dovetails with a multipronged U.S. armed forces’ effort to usher in the next phase of evolution for America’s warriors.

Military leaders are embracing biomechanics, mental health, psychological toughness and spiritual reawakening to nurture the mind, body and soul in concert to create warriors fully equipped for 21st-century conflicts on the battlefield and inside the mind.

Mr. Guerrero’s concept of “superhumans” hinges on culturing the microbiomes of elite athletes or other

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