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Chris Robshaw and Camilla Kerslake: Our mental health journey

Given their respective careers, husband and wife Chris Robshaw and Camilla Kerslake both understand the impact of high pressure; what it means to walk out in front of massive audiences and know you have to perform.

Asked how she copes with that kind of stress, Camilla is refreshingly honest. “The first time I did a Wembley cup final, I had hypnotherapy,” she reveals. And it worked. “I remember being in a smelly dressing room that had just been used by 40 footballers and then I remember being in my seat.” She doesn’t recall anything in between and only knew that she had sung the national anthem to an audience of millions when she saw it later on television.

Fortunately Camilla has a partner who understands what it’s like to have to do your job in front of 80,000 people. Chris’s rugby career included many extraordinary highs: winning the Premiership with

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